The neurotic.scripts module handles starting the app from the command line. It also provides a convenience function for quickly launching the app using minimal metadata or an existing Neo Block, and another for starting a Jupyter server with an example notebook.

neurotic.scripts.quick_launch(metadata={}, blk=None, lazy=True)[source]

Load data, configure the GUI, and launch the app with one convenient function.

This function allows neurotic to be used easily in interactive sessions and scripts. For example, dictionaries can be passed as metadata:

>>> metadata = {'data_file': 'data.axgx'}
>>> neurotic.quick_launch(metadata=metadata)

An existing Neo Block can be passed directly:

>>> neurotic.quick_launch(blk=my_neo_block)

This function is equivalent to the following:

>>> blk = load_dataset(metadata, blk, lazy=lazy)
>>> ephyviewer_config = EphyviewerConfigurator(metadata, blk, lazy=lazy)
>>> ephyviewer_config.show_all()
>>> ephyviewer_config.launch_ephyviewer()

Start a Jupyter server and open the example notebook.