The neurotic.gui.config module implements a class for configuring and launching ephyviewer for a loaded dataset.

class neurotic.gui.config.EphyviewerConfigurator(metadata, blk, lazy=False)[source]

A class for launching ephyviewer for a dataset with configurable viewers.

At initialization, invalid viewers are automatically disabled (e.g., the video viewer is disabled if video_file is not given in metadata). Viewers can be hidden or shown before launch using the built-in methods. Valid viewer names are:

  • traces
  • traces_rauc
  • freqs
  • spike_trains
  • traces_rates
  • epochs
  • epoch_encoder
  • video
  • event_list
  • data_frame

launch_ephyviewer() is provided for starting a new Qt app and launching the ephyviewer main window all at once. create_ephyviewer_window() generates just the ephyviewer window and should be used if there is already a Qt app running.

create_ephyviewer_window(theme='light', ui_scale='medium', support_increased_line_width=False, show_datetime=False, datetime_format='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')[source]

Load data into each ephyviewer viewer and return the main window.


Disable the viewer name.


Enable the viewer name.


Hide the viewer name.


Hide all viewers.


Return whether the viewer name is enabled.


Return whether the viewer name is shown.

launch_ephyviewer(theme='light', ui_scale='medium', support_increased_line_width=False, show_datetime=False, datetime_format='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')[source]

Start a Qt app and create an ephyviewer window.


Show the viewer name.


Show all viewers.