Changing Default Behavior

Default parameters used by the app and by the command line interface, such as which metadata file to open initially or whether Google Drive access tokens should be stored indefinitely, can be configured using global configuration settings located in .neurotic/neurotic-config.txt in your home directory:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\.neurotic\neurotic-config.txt
  • macOS: /Users/<username>/.neurotic/neurotic-config.txt
  • Linux: /home/<username>/.neurotic/neurotic-config.txt

The file can be opened easily using the “View global config file” menu action. You may edit it to customize your settings. The next time you launch the app or use the command line interface, your changes should be in effect.

If this file does not exist when neurotic is launched, the following template is created for you:

# --- neurotic global config --------------------------------------------------
# Use this file to configure the way neurotic behaves. This file uses the TOML
# format.

# When the app is launched, the following customizable defaults are used unless
# overridden by command line arguments. Example uses include:
#   - Uncomment the "file" parameter and insert the path to your favorite
#     metadata file so that it always opens automatically
#   - Uncomment the "lazy" parameter and set it to false to always disable fast
#     loading, ensuring that expensive procedures like spike detection and
#     filtering are performed by default
# To open the example metadata file by default, either leave the "file"
# parameter unset, set it to false, or set it to "example". To initially select
# the first dataset in the file, either leave the "dataset" parameter unset,
# set it to false, or set it to "first".

# file = false
# dataset = false
# debug = false
# lazy = true
# thick_traces = false
# show_datetime = false
# ui_scale = "medium"
# theme = "light"

# The "save_tokens" parameter controls how often you need to authorize neurotic
# to access your Google Drive account for downloads:
#   - Set "save_tokens" to true to remember Google Drive access tokens after
#     authorization, so that permissions only need to be granted once. This is
#     not recommended if others you do not trust have access to this computer,
#     as it could let them download files from your Google Drive account.
#   - Set "save_tokens" to false or leave it unset to forget access
#     authorization after neurotic closes. Each time you restart neurotic, you
#     will be required to re-grant permissions when you download a Google Drive
#     file.

# save_tokens = false

# When the app is launched, neurotic automatically checks for updates unless
# the "auto_check_for_updates" parameter is set to false.

# auto_check_for_updates = true