The neurotic.gui.notebook module implements Jupyter notebook widget counterparts for the MetadataSelector and the EphyviewerConfigurator.

class neurotic.gui.notebook.MetadataSelectorWidget(file=None, local_data_root=None, remote_data_root=None, initial_selection=None)[source]

Interactive list box for Jupyter notebooks that allows the user to select which metadata set they would like to work with.

>>> metadata = MetadataSelectorWidget(file='metadata.yml')
>>> display(metadata)

After clicking on an item in the list, the selected metadata set is accessible at metadata.selected_metadata, e.g.

>>> metadata.selected_metadata['data_file']

A compact indexing method is implemented that allows the selected metadata set to be accessed directly, e.g.

>>> metadata['data_file']

This allows the MetadataSelectorWidget to be passed to functions expecting a simple dictionary corresponding to a single metadata set, and the selected metadata set will be used automatically.

class neurotic.gui.notebook.EphyviewerConfiguratorWidget(metadata, blk, lazy=False)[source]

Interactive button grid for Jupyter notebooks that allows the user to select which ephyviewer viewers they would like to display and then launch ephyviewer.


Disable the viewer name.


Enable the viewer name.


Hide the viewer name.


Show the viewer name.