neurotic 1.5.0


This release’s biggest feature is Google Drive integration: Use neurotic to fetch data files from either My Drive or Shared Drives (formerly known as Team Drives). Read more here: URLs to Use with Google Drive and Configuring for Google Drive.

Additionally, you can now customize some default settings for neurotic, such as which metadata file is opened by default. Read more here: Changing Default Behavior.

New features

  • Add capability to download files from Google Drive (#294, #297, #309)
  • Allow users to change defaults in a global configuration file (#285, #304)


  • Automatically check for updates when the app is launched (#307, #310)
  • Remove incomplete files when a download is interrupted (#280)
  • Add amplitude discriminator parameter for extrema type (detect peaks or troughs) (#284)
  • Annotate detected spike trains with amplitude discriminator units and epoch (#281, #282, #284)



  • Transition to GitHub Actions for automated testing (#286, #287, #299, #301)
  • Add tests for and declare support for Python 3.9 (#283)
  • Exclude py files not part of the main package from coverage reports (#300)