neurotic 1.0.0


🎊 First stable release! 🎉


  • Major API changes (#104, #100, #106)

    • In preparation for this stable release, many formerly public classes and functions were made private. This was done to minimize the number of public classes/functions, which beginning with this release will be treated as stable APIs that are ideally modified only in backwards compatible ways. Users should trust that public classes and functions will not be changed without good reason and a major version bump.
  • Many improvements to the documentation, including the addition of an API Reference Guide

  • Add example Jupyter notebook and command line argument for launching it (#108)

  • Add file overwrite option to download functions (#106)

  • Reserve the metadata keyword neurotic_config for global parameters (#93)

    • The remote_data_root key must now be nested under neurotic_config.

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash when epoch encoder file contains labels not listed in metadata (#97)
  • Allow amplitude discriminators to be specified with arbitrary units (#99)